I got accepted!

So now the last couple days have been online apartment hunting, roommate hunting, and just brainstorming as to how I will make a living out there. I need to learn how to budget. I'm not sure why but the vancouver riots somewhat turned off the glitz and glamour of moving out there for me. I'm sure once I'm out there and enjoying my time though, that will all go away. I'm just extremely disgusted that that kind of thing would happen. It's such a beautiful city and I can't believe people would trash it like that. 

I've been skateboarding a lot. My progress has been pretty slow but slow progress is better than no progress so I'm enjoying it. I don't want to get injured early in the season. I met a girl to skate with, and we did go skate for a day. It was a nice change to find a girl that I bond with well to skate with. Unfortunately, as soon as I find this rad girl to skate with, she finds out that she's moving to Ontario right away. Sigh. Woe is me. The universe just doesn't want me to have any girl friends. Ones that I can skate with anyways. There's a couple more girls that I can hang out with that I haven't put out enough effort to actually go meet up with and get to know well so I should probably do so! I just wish I could find one that likes to skate, snowboard, skimboard, and be super crazy with. I like to do spontaneous dumb things and finding equally spontaneous....people in general can be hard. whine whine whine. I need to get off that topic.

I'm just excited to start doing makeup. It sounds like a really exciting course. And I'm promising myself to put in 1000% effort. When I finish, I'll be graduated, David will be graduated. And life will be an exciting journey from that point forward. It already is, but we'll be independent, making better money, and it will feel nice. I feel like there is more stuff I could be doing to organize my priorities and become prepared, but part of me is telling me to just enjoy this vacation before things get hectic and (hopefully not) stressful. I feel like I've been doing lots of soul searching and self discovery during this vacation and I feel like it's not finished yet. There's a lot of personal things that I have yet to let go. 

yammer yammer yammer. I talk a lot of nonsense. Maybe one day i'll speak less nonsense. Until then ciao. 

 Wow my last entry was all over the place. Haha. I just wanted to get all of that typed out so bad as soon as it came to mind. Reading about the chakras and trying to maintain positive energy in my life has made such a huge difference in my life over the last, 2 days? I went skateboarding after, I cleared my mind and tried to let completely positive energy run through my body and it was like, voila, I am suddenly learning new tricks that I've never done before. It felt amazing. Komenda has white cement so it's also an ideal location to practice seeing auras, and I could see that my friend Corey had a green one. I'm not sure what it means. But I saw green. David, I still can't see his very clearly. I always think I see purple, but I always think that David should be green. I'm not sure why either. I know purple is a very spiritual color and means that the person has special insight. Part of this doesn't surprise me because his mom and grandma are easily purples. His grandmother would definitely be a strong purple, because she practices Raeki and does spiritual healing. I know David believes her healing actually does work, because it's worked on him before, but beyond that the purple surprises me a little. It's not a very strong purple if it's there but for some reason I see glimpses of it and I can never figure out if I'm maybe just imagining it or seeing it. Anyways either way, it was a good skate session and I learned a lot that day. I learned that red is the root chakra, which motivates you to accomplish daily tasks, and is your "life force" and I learned that angry negative thoughts interfere with the red chakra and weaken it. In simple english, your daily drive and motivation becomes weakened and you don't feel motivated to accomplish anything. Well I've been in this negative swing lately, and I definitely have been thinking more negative than usual, and I realize that's why it's been so hard for me to get up and do things that I know I should be doing. Having learned this, instead of trying to introduce more blue in my life, I decided I should be nourishing my red chakra. SO I cooked up an awesome breakfast of cheddar, fresh red pepper and garlic paninis, and then had cheerios with fresh strawberries in it. I felt like having that much red food in my breakfast actually did help my drive for the rest of the day. For all I know, maybe it is a placebo effect. But if it's working, it's working. And that's all that matters. Also I find that the more I try to build up positive energy in my life, the more often positive occurrences fall into place in my life. When I'm positive, great things happen, I meet great people, great job opportunities arise...etc etc etc. The second I enforce bad energy, bad things seem to happen. It's all common sense. But you know, sometimes people like to neglect common sense. Including myself from time to time. But I've already experienced the great impact that positive energy has on my life before, I just didn't understand why I went from being a very positive person to a depressed person over a year. I couldn't figure out where all the bad energy came from, and where I went wrong. It turns out that a single negative thought, can throw your whole system off balance, and make you more susceptible to more negative thoughts and bad energy. It weakens your positive aura. This all started when Devin and I broke up way back. I noticed his friends were being strange around me after the breakup, which caused me to think negatively of them, which made me insecure around them, and it was a downward spiral from there. Top that with my mother's breast cancer, school, my parents fighting. Negative energy from people at the university, and from my parents constant negative attitudes. My aura didn't stand a chance haha. Well it did. But at one point I let my guard down. Anyways all this aura talk is probably jibberish so I'll end it there. The point being is, I have a better understanding of why things came about to be the way they were and are. And now I can see my life changing for the better the second I understand it and try to change it. 

I met a few awesome girls who all seem like really happy, positive people and who seem to level on the same vibe as me. I'm excited because I need more of that in my life. One girl my boyfriend's little brother met at the skate park, and he gave her my facebook. As soon as we added eachother I was stoked, because she reminds me SOOO much of my best friend back home. She even has the same name. The other girl is from California and I just absolutely idolize her. She skates, does some kind of film production, is a photographer, has a band started...she does everything she loves and makes a living from the things she loves. She lives the lifestyle that I aspire to have, and the second she went through my album, she clicked 'like' on everything and it was like friendship love at first sight. hahaha. I guess i technically haven't "met" any of them officially quite yet, but I know I will meet them both. A lot of my best friends started out the same way. Luckily for a change, one of them lives close to me for once, so I have a girl to hang out with this summer, who I finally level with. 

Anyways I'm going to stop writing before I sound like a kook. Auras, chakras and facebook friends that I haven't met yet. I must sound insane.

Haha it'll all come together, and I won't seem so insane anymore. I'm confident in everything.

I hope today will be a good day because I'm anticipating a lot. Today could be very life changing for me. I'm trying my hardest not to taint my luck. I am crossing my fingers and trying to smile. Ciao.

 So I'm learning about Chakras and the meanings of each color and I'm making connections that are just creeping me out. As I was trying to find my current weakest Chakra, I came across blue:  "relationships–The right to speak. Learning to express oneself and one’s beliefs (truthful expression). Ability to trust. Loyalty. Organization and planning" Okay, bingo! Definitely my weaknesses. And then I read the symptoms that people have when there is an imbalance in this chakra "Thyroid imbalances, swollen glands. Fevers and flu. Infections. Mouth, jaw, tongue, neck and shoulders problems. Hyperactivity. Hormonal disorders such as PMS, mood swings, bloating and menopause." The first 4 I don't deal with really, but neck and shoulder problems, hyperactivity, pms, moodswings...I have all of those, bad. It's not like a horoscope where they say things that could apply to anyone, because each chakra had pretty specific symptoms when imbalanced. So that was just eerie. One way to balance out the chakras that are your weakness is to introduce more of that color into your lifestyle. As I'm pondering, I start thinking about my budgies. My bird Heidi was yellow. Yellow is related to intelligence and mind. Heidi was the more intelligent of my birds. My bird Alfy was green. Green is the color of being able to love- forgiveness and compassion. Alfy was a very loving and compassionate bird and could bond with people well, an outstanding amount actually, better than any of the other 12-13 birds I have had. Hercules is blue. My weakness that I had aforementioned. Being social, trusting, loyalty...Hercules is the most social bird ever. He doesn't shut up. He's always happy. He's been extremely loyal to me as his "owner" he comes and kisses my finger every day. And he is the most trusting of all the birds. You stick food up to the cage and he is the first one to bolt for it and eat it without hesitation. So that is just all, beyond coincidence. The birds ARE those colors so those are naturally the color energies that they absorb the most, and their personalities match each color. It's just weird. I'm a noob to learning all this but everything I read makes perfect sense. I love hercules to bits and I play with him all the time.....coincidentally the color I need more of in my life...my opposite. My best friend Bryn who makes me happier than anyone, because he's so outgoing and crazy, and always happy,much like my bird, has a blue aura according to my friend Michelle. Who told me this long before I knew what the hell an aura was. So it all. makes. complete sense. So. Now I keep learning. And I fix these things. Yayyy. I just had to write this down so yeah. OH and also. It said that one day I can balance out my chakra is by writing out my ideas.....hmmmm....what have I realized I need to do to organize my life better? Start a livejournal. Which I did before I read that. haha. Yup. anyways ciao.

Shit to do.
 I'm getting back to that lazy sit around and do nothing all day mode, until I make a journal entry of things I need to get done so here goes.

Clean the basement.
Fold my laundry.
Go for a run with David.
Complete my application.
Dye my hair. 
Read a chapter of my photography text.

Yes. This is a productive enough list I think.

And blast some Chiddy Bang while I'm doing it all. done and done. 


This picture makes me look like I'm 15 years old and I hate it. 
But I feel like posting a picture. 

relationship gushing and girl despisal rants. Must be the weather.
 I am dying. David bought me a cafe misto. and it feels like its 30 degrees out. It's probably only 20 though. I'm just so used to 10 degrees and wind and rain. I am sweating my face off inside. I wish David and I could get sleeping bags and sleep outside, just like we did when we first started dating :) Yes, sleeping bags in Pizza Hut parking lots can be surprisingly romantic. It's a very long story. We got stuck there on a trip to edmonton and our friend lost his car keys in West Edmonton Mall after 3 hours of wandering around the whole thing. Anyways. It was the worst, yet most amazing trip of my life at the same time. And right now I wouldn't mind cuddling and sleeping outside.

I love how one year later, we still stare at eachother and smile every few minutes. He can cuddle for hours, hold my hand everywhere, and never gets upset at anything I have to say. We spend almost every minute together and still have never broken out in fight. I admit I get cranky. But he thinks it's cute and is too oblivious to notice otherwise. 

I feel guilty because I get these occasional jealousy spurts. For the most part I barely ever do, but it happens now and then and sometimes I just blame it on my female hormones. For some reason whenever I get emotional whatsoever I deem it out of my character and blame it on my female hormones. I'm not sure if it's jealousy or just blatant irritation though. So many girls hit on him when I'm right beside him, as if they don't even care that I'm there with him. At first it was like "meh, whatever, it happens" but it happens so frequent that it's starting to get on my nerves. When I was single, I would never, ever flirt with a dude in a relationship, out of respect. Sometimes I just wish the rest of women in society would do the same thing. It only happens here though, in this city. It rarely happens when we're in other cities. The girls here are so aggressive. And my patience is wearing thin. The best way to deal with it is to keep my cool and keep ignoring it, because I know that me flaring up in anger would just be a total turnoff. But, sometimes, I feel a backhand to the back of their heads would just feel so good. And throwing a pair of jeans at them and telling them to cover their ass cheeks that are hanging out of their "dresses." These girls wonder why they're all still single, get nothing but one night stands, and can't find good guys. No shit. I feel like I could almost write a book for these girls. But in the end, it's up to them.

I only wrote that shpeal because as we were walking home, hand in hand with our coffees, a young girl was walking behind us, she passed us, and as soon as she was in front of us, she turned around, and looked him up and down and smirked. And it was like for fucks sakes, I can't even get coffee down the street without dealing with this? Sure she's a teenage girl but blah! When I'm holding his hand? I can understand if he's at the mall by himself, or anywhere by himself. But it always happens when we're holding hands!!!! roar. Okay. I got my steam off my chest. I think I'm done ranting. Girls just make me mad sometimes. Sometimes I'm sad because I don't have girl friends,  but then stuff like this happening is like ugh, that's why, girls are so dumb sometimes. It's hard to find ones that I want to be friends with in the first place. But maybe I just have to push that aside, suck it up and accept that that is just what I have to deal with. I was once stupid too. I still am, often. Just not in that regards haha. And I'm not competitive. David always says that girls are just competitive, that's all. But I think it's stupid. lol. I just want to skateboard, shoot photos, and have coffees with my boyfriend and dance with him now and then. Dealing with "competing" is the last thing on my agenda.

LJ says despisal isn't a word. But I am making it a word. So there. take that livejournal.

 So I've been ultimately satisfied with the last couple days. After my last post I went to the skate park and skated my heart out. Turns out yup, skateboarding is VERY mental and I was able to pop tricks higher and relearn things as long as I put my mind in the right mode. I don't see myself throwing myself down big sets anytime soon but I can see myself progressing as long as I remain stubborn and I have to keep myself bursting with energy when I go and actually go hard. I had one little tumble but I'm glad I did because falling, as long as you don't break or sprain anything, makes you tougher. I would really love to be able to fall more often and be able to handle it. So that I can try more things. Turns out all that skating and a few exercises I've been doing on the swiss ball was enough to make me lose a little weight, along with my better diet for the last couple weeks, because yesterday I could magically fit into my non-stretchy, uber tight american apparel shorts which I usually cannot comfortably fit into no matter how much I try. They actually felt...comfortable. I could breath anyways and didn't feel like I was going to burst out of them. I didn't do a whole lot yesterday due to the rain. I actually spent the whole day talking to David's mom. I'm trying to minimize the amount I spend online, at least on facebook, twitter and all that useless jumble, because I want to be more productive. Today I called one of the Admins at Blanche MacDonald. She wasn't there, and the lady said that she would be back at 12 ( 2 o clock my time). At first I figured that I would call tomorrow or something, but something told me to suck it up and stay home (It's a beautiful day out and I really wanted to go get sun and skate). I waited until two thirty and called back, and I guess she was out of her office. The lady caught me off guard and sent me to her voicemail. I left a voicemail but it was absolutely horrible. Sure enough she wasn't calling back (I wouldn't neither haha) SO in a desperate attempt, I decided to email her instead because I am just way more literate through email. I sent the email and 5 minutes later she called back. She said she had received the voicemail, and had just read the (very nice) email. I was so relieved. That email saved me. I basically explained that I have the voicemail jitters, I was scared that I left the wrong contact number, and informed her of my inquiries, as well as told her a little about myself. It helped her to answer my questions and assess which courses and payment options were best for me. She actually plays a role in the decision making of who gets accepted. We had a really great conversation so she said that will help and she can confirm in records that we have come in contact. She couldn't tell me what to put in the application, obviously, but she gave me the best advice she could. She also helped me figure out which payment options would be cheapest, and the province I come from apparently gives out very generous student loans so she advised I take advantage of that as well of the funds that I have set aside. This makes sense to me because it also leaves me money for Emily Carr, if I decide to pursue that afterwards. Also I could learn a thing or two about paying loans and managing my money. She was so helpful and I am less intimidated at the thought of going there. I can also start in October as opposed to September. Which gives me time to move and settle in Vancouver first. Also a bonus, 

I started that entry and got sidetracked in the middle of it. So I don't know what I was going to say after that. Going to finish an application to work at a photo lab for the summer, and hopefully finish this Blanche application. Went to a manny mania contest today and finally finished my second roll of film as well as the rest of the film in my Diana. So we'll see how it all turns out. Fingers crossed. 

I'm really excited about the progress I've been making for the last few days. Having some sort of life plan feels really good. I'm excited for the rest of the summer. Baby steps really make a world of a difference when you're trying to get things done. I'm ready for the rest of my life to get rolling and I can't wait to juice every opportunity I can find. 

plaza day.
So I've been watching skate vid, after skate vid after skate vid, amongst some personal reflection, and I'm almost upset that I haven't been filming and stepping my game up the last couple years. After seeing all these girls rip, I almost feel left behind. So today I'm going to go skate as hard as I can, and hopefully learn some shit. I found some exercises that should help "prevent" me from getting injured. Whether or not they do, I should be exercising and stretching more anyways. I'm letting myself turn into an old fart a lot more sooner than I should be. Today I have writer's block and I feel my writing isn't at it's prime either. 

The last two days have been nothing but rain and all I've accomplished is sitting around at the library in David's school for two days straight. I found my photoshop retouching course book so I've dipped into that a little. It's amazing how many little keyboard shortcuts there are that make the life of editing so much easier. The more I think about make-up courses the more excited I get. My only dilemma is: do I want to take the full 15,000$ course? I'll learn the whole works of airbrushing, and really intense make-up for stuff like movies. Because then I could REALLY go all out for photo shoots. BUT then I use up all my funds that I had intended towards University. BUT, I can also get a decent paying day job out of it granted I do well and focus, and the money can go towards more university and camera supplies.


should I take the part time freelance make-up course, so I can work and go to school at the same time, and work hard on my portfolio for a year. The course will teach me everything I know about wedding make-up, touch on how to do hair, etc. And i'll still have money left over for university. 

It's a tough call. Because what if I don't even get accepted into Emily Carr my second time round? Part of me says, JUST GO ALL OUT. go for it. Do the full make-up course. Because I'm getting old. And honestly I want a diploma. Something to show for my school that will get me some fun work. But then I factor in my whole getting-stressed-out-too easy under heavy workload persona and that makes it difficult to decide too. Can I handle being poopy assed broke for another year, in vancouver, in a gloomy rainy winter? It'll be worth it in the end if I pull it off. I guess you need to suffer before you gain. For us normal middle classed working folk anyways. 

Well how about I test my will today. If I can throw all my fears aside and skate hard today, and show true determination. Then I will believe in myself. If not, then maybe I better take the safe route. But I really don't know which is the safe route. Bah. Whatever I'm rambling again. Time to go skate. Ciao.

A darker grey breaks through a lighter one. I hate Winnipeg.
 Rain. More rain. Always rain. 

It's amazing how being broke is less overwhelming when you at least have your bills paid. It's like, hm, I'm broke, but my bills are paid at least!
Now I'm just bored. 

I read my whole booklet on my ring flash for my diana yesterday. I'm so bored these days that even my reading comprehension has increased. 
I think I'm learning how to learn in small bite sized bits at a time, so that I learn things properly. Usually I get overwhelmed when I see too much information at once, but my brain is starting to figure out, as long as I'm learning, it's a step forward. When I try to learn everything at once, I learn nothing. 

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing. I sat on my laptop all day. 

See this is why I started livejournal. Because I DON'T want my journal entries to be "Today I sat on my laptop, again." "Dear livejournal, today I went on facebook, the end."

I tried to watch the movie Hanna but every version I could find was shitty. And subtitles were in a different language. 

Yeah, that's really all I can say right now. I'm sitting in David's college again, and this is the greyest day yet. It's the kind of grey that's so dark you know it's going to be grey for a week.

I guess I should make some goals for today. Learn a couple photoshop techniques. Do some kind of workout. laundry. Ciao. 

Shake Junt!
 I'm trying to figure out a way to type this entry without sounding like I'm fanning out. But yesterday was absolutely amazing. Yesterday was the Shake Junt demo and I guess I started it off with a typical "Stacey moment."

We pulled into the parking lot, and our homie Josh pulled up beside us. When the back door of his vehicle opened, this hippie looking character popped out all poncho'd out, and well I figured that since he was with Josh he was probably some local that I hadn't met before. As I was getting my camera gear out of my bag he came over to me and said "that's a nice ring you got there!" and I said "thanks! I actually got it from Dollarama!" He looked at me funny and said "Dollarayma? What the hell is Dollarayma?" right then I realized he must have been one of the dudes from the Shake Junt team. Turns out he was Lizard King haha. A couple more dudes came out of the whip and I noticed one of them had the shirt that David really wanted so I pointed it out and we laughed. As we all approached the park the dude with the shirt took out his point-and-shooter and started snapping phots, so I asked him where he was from. "Montreal." right away I got stoked because I looooove Montreal and thats where a lot of my good friends are from. So right then and there we started talking about where I used to live by peace park, all our mutual friends, all that stuff. Turns out he works for the distribution company for Shake Junt and all those other brands. I had planned to work on a photo project for the day, which was to shoot a 35 mm film photo of each skater individually, and get them to sign a piece of tape, so that I could stick it on their photo after I develop it, so it was really fortunate that I met Sam (that's his name). I'm horrible at guessing who's who at demos because unless I've met someone personally I really can't tell anyone apart. Unless they're someone I used to really, really fan out hard on as a kid. So in this case I picked out Bryan Herman pretty fast. And Beagle's pretty distinguishable with his hair, and camera. Spencer was there with the guys so it was good to see him. Last time I saw him was the day he fell off a roof and mangled his back, so I was glad to see him ripping hard and back in good condition. I kept switching back and forth between either wandering around aimlessly or talking to Sam, trying to figure out how I'd go about shooting the photos. The team started throwing down the double set so I decided to maybe shoot a roll of that first, and use the second roll for the portraits. The demo was pretty good, and luckily the rain only lasted for about 10-20 minutes. I found out the dude shooting photos beside me must have been Brian Caissie. Another local photographer, Cam, showed up and he helped me out with setting my exposures. His small son who must be about 7 or 8 had his own little point and shoot camera and he kept coming up to another guy who was sitting beside me and kept shooting photos of him. I thought it was the cutest thing in the world. If the kid keeps it up I could easily see him being this legend photographer when he's older. I could tell from his angles that the pictures would probably turn out pretty neat. The kid he took pictures of was J-S Lapierre, also from Montreal, so we talked for a bit. Turns out he's really good friends with my old roomates. After the demo Sam walked me around and introduced me to all of the guys for the photos. First I met Romar, then Beagle, Shane, Herman, Neem, Figgy and Lizard. Lizard went all out and went to lie in the dandelions for his photo. I luckily caught Ellington right before he left. It was a bit of a mission but I eventually got the whole team, and the fun part was getting to talk to everyone for a minute or two. Some of them had mutual friends too so that was nice. Lizard gave me his phone number in case I'm ever in LA, since I go there to visit my aunt now and then, and that way I have someone who knows the city to roam around with. After I got my photos I put all my stuff down and did a bit of skating as the demo shut down. Hahaha at one point I did a nollie flip and I didn't realize Figgy was right behind me so he started cheering, and then I heard him go up to a couple other guys on the team and say "that chick did a kickflip!" so right after, Herman and another guy pulled out a camera phone and asked me to do a kickflip. The first one I didn't land but I landed the next one. Well nollie flip. I told them I can't kickflip haha. 

Afterwards David and I went to meet up with a bunch of friends to see the new Hangover 2 movie. The first theatre we went to was sold out so we went to another one and got ticks for the 10 o clock show. While we were waiting we hit up an ice cream spot. We took over a section of picnic tables and then went for a walk. I don't think I've gone for a mass group chill like that since, high school. By the time we got to the theatre, we probably would have taken up the whole back row. The movie was good. Afterwards we went to Original Joes and had a round of tequilas and said goodbye to our homies that were heading back to BC. I want to write more but I'm just pooped. Why am I pooped? I have no idea why. I've done shit all today. Maybe because yesterday was so hectic. I feel like I should do more with myself though. Anyways yeah that's enough writing for now. Ciao.

Beagle and myself having a convo about, well, I'm not really sure from my facial expression. 

(no subject)
 So once again I'm having one of those mornings where I just can't kick my ass out of bed. I think it's going to be my routine to ramble a post out before I start my day because that seems to be the only way I can get up and do something. SO today I need to: Do my laundry, clean out my memory card, maybe charge my other camera for the wedding social tonight, plant Bob somewhere safe, do some cleaning, call Blanche MacDonald and ask about tuition. Humm. That's a good enough list for now I suppose. 

Went to the bonfire last night at Jordan's. A few girls came over first so I got a chance get used to girl bonding a little bit. See, talking to girls makes me awkward and nervous sometimes. I don't know why. Childhood insecurities of mean-girl types picking on me I guess? Even though I'm cool with all of those girls now. I think any bad dramatic experience I usually have is with girls, the main reason why they scare me. Either way I have to get over it. There's lots of cool girls out there. I have no problem bonding with girls like me, who fart, skate, and pretty much feel the same as hanging out with guys. Those girls are awesome and I bond with them instantly. ANYWAYS I'm getting side tracked. We made S'mores. And it was my first time eating s'mores, especially at a campfire. We all talked in a big group around the bonfire for hours. It's funny how I've known most of these people for less than a year but I can bond and relate with them easier than most. They tell a lot of old high school stories, childhood stories, but I know most of the people they're talking about so it's pretty funny. I hang out with each of them to have my own stories to pitch. I even had a talk with one of them, about a town that I have never ever lived in, just because I either know, or know of a bunch of people from that town. So he told me Cold Lake stories for half the night. That's the town, by the way. 

Eventually the girls left and it was just myself and the brosephs. So the convo immediately switched to bro subjects. The topics turned into topics a lot deeper than I expected. Inspirational though. A lot of it had to do with dreams, and just GOING for them, fuck being scared, kind of deal. Because your only regrets will be not going for them. It was a good talk. One of them was super hammered and had to do the good ol finger down the mouth. The rest of us were sober so it was pretty funny. All in all, I had girl bonding, then bro bonding. So I concluded that I get the best of both worlds and I'm down with that. I can't wait till all of us are in BC, because that sounds like what's happening. We're all moving west, at some point. Two of them live out west already and are just in town for the weekend. It's funny because every time I visit Winnipeg they're here, so it doesn't even feel like either of them left. 

Anyways there's not much more I can ramble about. It looks grey and dull outside. I'm broke. I don't know what to do about it. 

Here's some pictures of Arthur St. from yesterday. 



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