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plaza day.
So I've been watching skate vid, after skate vid after skate vid, amongst some personal reflection, and I'm almost upset that I haven't been filming and stepping my game up the last couple years. After seeing all these girls rip, I almost feel left behind. So today I'm going to go skate as hard as I can, and hopefully learn some shit. I found some exercises that should help "prevent" me from getting injured. Whether or not they do, I should be exercising and stretching more anyways. I'm letting myself turn into an old fart a lot more sooner than I should be. Today I have writer's block and I feel my writing isn't at it's prime either. 

The last two days have been nothing but rain and all I've accomplished is sitting around at the library in David's school for two days straight. I found my photoshop retouching course book so I've dipped into that a little. It's amazing how many little keyboard shortcuts there are that make the life of editing so much easier. The more I think about make-up courses the more excited I get. My only dilemma is: do I want to take the full 15,000$ course? I'll learn the whole works of airbrushing, and really intense make-up for stuff like movies. Because then I could REALLY go all out for photo shoots. BUT then I use up all my funds that I had intended towards University. BUT, I can also get a decent paying day job out of it granted I do well and focus, and the money can go towards more university and camera supplies.


should I take the part time freelance make-up course, so I can work and go to school at the same time, and work hard on my portfolio for a year. The course will teach me everything I know about wedding make-up, touch on how to do hair, etc. And i'll still have money left over for university. 

It's a tough call. Because what if I don't even get accepted into Emily Carr my second time round? Part of me says, JUST GO ALL OUT. go for it. Do the full make-up course. Because I'm getting old. And honestly I want a diploma. Something to show for my school that will get me some fun work. But then I factor in my whole getting-stressed-out-too easy under heavy workload persona and that makes it difficult to decide too. Can I handle being poopy assed broke for another year, in vancouver, in a gloomy rainy winter? It'll be worth it in the end if I pull it off. I guess you need to suffer before you gain. For us normal middle classed working folk anyways. 

Well how about I test my will today. If I can throw all my fears aside and skate hard today, and show true determination. Then I will believe in myself. If not, then maybe I better take the safe route. But I really don't know which is the safe route. Bah. Whatever I'm rambling again. Time to go skate. Ciao.


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