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 So I've been ultimately satisfied with the last couple days. After my last post I went to the skate park and skated my heart out. Turns out yup, skateboarding is VERY mental and I was able to pop tricks higher and relearn things as long as I put my mind in the right mode. I don't see myself throwing myself down big sets anytime soon but I can see myself progressing as long as I remain stubborn and I have to keep myself bursting with energy when I go and actually go hard. I had one little tumble but I'm glad I did because falling, as long as you don't break or sprain anything, makes you tougher. I would really love to be able to fall more often and be able to handle it. So that I can try more things. Turns out all that skating and a few exercises I've been doing on the swiss ball was enough to make me lose a little weight, along with my better diet for the last couple weeks, because yesterday I could magically fit into my non-stretchy, uber tight american apparel shorts which I usually cannot comfortably fit into no matter how much I try. They actually felt...comfortable. I could breath anyways and didn't feel like I was going to burst out of them. I didn't do a whole lot yesterday due to the rain. I actually spent the whole day talking to David's mom. I'm trying to minimize the amount I spend online, at least on facebook, twitter and all that useless jumble, because I want to be more productive. Today I called one of the Admins at Blanche MacDonald. She wasn't there, and the lady said that she would be back at 12 ( 2 o clock my time). At first I figured that I would call tomorrow or something, but something told me to suck it up and stay home (It's a beautiful day out and I really wanted to go get sun and skate). I waited until two thirty and called back, and I guess she was out of her office. The lady caught me off guard and sent me to her voicemail. I left a voicemail but it was absolutely horrible. Sure enough she wasn't calling back (I wouldn't neither haha) SO in a desperate attempt, I decided to email her instead because I am just way more literate through email. I sent the email and 5 minutes later she called back. She said she had received the voicemail, and had just read the (very nice) email. I was so relieved. That email saved me. I basically explained that I have the voicemail jitters, I was scared that I left the wrong contact number, and informed her of my inquiries, as well as told her a little about myself. It helped her to answer my questions and assess which courses and payment options were best for me. She actually plays a role in the decision making of who gets accepted. We had a really great conversation so she said that will help and she can confirm in records that we have come in contact. She couldn't tell me what to put in the application, obviously, but she gave me the best advice she could. She also helped me figure out which payment options would be cheapest, and the province I come from apparently gives out very generous student loans so she advised I take advantage of that as well of the funds that I have set aside. This makes sense to me because it also leaves me money for Emily Carr, if I decide to pursue that afterwards. Also I could learn a thing or two about paying loans and managing my money. She was so helpful and I am less intimidated at the thought of going there. I can also start in October as opposed to September. Which gives me time to move and settle in Vancouver first. Also a bonus, 

I started that entry and got sidetracked in the middle of it. So I don't know what I was going to say after that. Going to finish an application to work at a photo lab for the summer, and hopefully finish this Blanche application. Went to a manny mania contest today and finally finished my second roll of film as well as the rest of the film in my Diana. So we'll see how it all turns out. Fingers crossed. 

I'm really excited about the progress I've been making for the last few days. Having some sort of life plan feels really good. I'm excited for the rest of the summer. Baby steps really make a world of a difference when you're trying to get things done. I'm ready for the rest of my life to get rolling and I can't wait to juice every opportunity I can find. 


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