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 So once again I'm having one of those mornings where I just can't kick my ass out of bed. I think it's going to be my routine to ramble a post out before I start my day because that seems to be the only way I can get up and do something. SO today I need to: Do my laundry, clean out my memory card, maybe charge my other camera for the wedding social tonight, plant Bob somewhere safe, do some cleaning, call Blanche MacDonald and ask about tuition. Humm. That's a good enough list for now I suppose. 

Went to the bonfire last night at Jordan's. A few girls came over first so I got a chance get used to girl bonding a little bit. See, talking to girls makes me awkward and nervous sometimes. I don't know why. Childhood insecurities of mean-girl types picking on me I guess? Even though I'm cool with all of those girls now. I think any bad dramatic experience I usually have is with girls, the main reason why they scare me. Either way I have to get over it. There's lots of cool girls out there. I have no problem bonding with girls like me, who fart, skate, and pretty much feel the same as hanging out with guys. Those girls are awesome and I bond with them instantly. ANYWAYS I'm getting side tracked. We made S'mores. And it was my first time eating s'mores, especially at a campfire. We all talked in a big group around the bonfire for hours. It's funny how I've known most of these people for less than a year but I can bond and relate with them easier than most. They tell a lot of old high school stories, childhood stories, but I know most of the people they're talking about so it's pretty funny. I hang out with each of them to have my own stories to pitch. I even had a talk with one of them, about a town that I have never ever lived in, just because I either know, or know of a bunch of people from that town. So he told me Cold Lake stories for half the night. That's the town, by the way. 

Eventually the girls left and it was just myself and the brosephs. So the convo immediately switched to bro subjects. The topics turned into topics a lot deeper than I expected. Inspirational though. A lot of it had to do with dreams, and just GOING for them, fuck being scared, kind of deal. Because your only regrets will be not going for them. It was a good talk. One of them was super hammered and had to do the good ol finger down the mouth. The rest of us were sober so it was pretty funny. All in all, I had girl bonding, then bro bonding. So I concluded that I get the best of both worlds and I'm down with that. I can't wait till all of us are in BC, because that sounds like what's happening. We're all moving west, at some point. Two of them live out west already and are just in town for the weekend. It's funny because every time I visit Winnipeg they're here, so it doesn't even feel like either of them left. 

Anyways there's not much more I can ramble about. It looks grey and dull outside. I'm broke. I don't know what to do about it. 

Here's some pictures of Arthur St. from yesterday. 


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Girls intimidate the hell out of me when I meet them. I've always been better at being one of the guys hahaha

hahaha i know. I feel like I have to go through some kind of training to understand them.

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