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Shake Junt!
 I'm trying to figure out a way to type this entry without sounding like I'm fanning out. But yesterday was absolutely amazing. Yesterday was the Shake Junt demo and I guess I started it off with a typical "Stacey moment."

We pulled into the parking lot, and our homie Josh pulled up beside us. When the back door of his vehicle opened, this hippie looking character popped out all poncho'd out, and well I figured that since he was with Josh he was probably some local that I hadn't met before. As I was getting my camera gear out of my bag he came over to me and said "that's a nice ring you got there!" and I said "thanks! I actually got it from Dollarama!" He looked at me funny and said "Dollarayma? What the hell is Dollarayma?" right then I realized he must have been one of the dudes from the Shake Junt team. Turns out he was Lizard King haha. A couple more dudes came out of the whip and I noticed one of them had the shirt that David really wanted so I pointed it out and we laughed. As we all approached the park the dude with the shirt took out his point-and-shooter and started snapping phots, so I asked him where he was from. "Montreal." right away I got stoked because I looooove Montreal and thats where a lot of my good friends are from. So right then and there we started talking about where I used to live by peace park, all our mutual friends, all that stuff. Turns out he works for the distribution company for Shake Junt and all those other brands. I had planned to work on a photo project for the day, which was to shoot a 35 mm film photo of each skater individually, and get them to sign a piece of tape, so that I could stick it on their photo after I develop it, so it was really fortunate that I met Sam (that's his name). I'm horrible at guessing who's who at demos because unless I've met someone personally I really can't tell anyone apart. Unless they're someone I used to really, really fan out hard on as a kid. So in this case I picked out Bryan Herman pretty fast. And Beagle's pretty distinguishable with his hair, and camera. Spencer was there with the guys so it was good to see him. Last time I saw him was the day he fell off a roof and mangled his back, so I was glad to see him ripping hard and back in good condition. I kept switching back and forth between either wandering around aimlessly or talking to Sam, trying to figure out how I'd go about shooting the photos. The team started throwing down the double set so I decided to maybe shoot a roll of that first, and use the second roll for the portraits. The demo was pretty good, and luckily the rain only lasted for about 10-20 minutes. I found out the dude shooting photos beside me must have been Brian Caissie. Another local photographer, Cam, showed up and he helped me out with setting my exposures. His small son who must be about 7 or 8 had his own little point and shoot camera and he kept coming up to another guy who was sitting beside me and kept shooting photos of him. I thought it was the cutest thing in the world. If the kid keeps it up I could easily see him being this legend photographer when he's older. I could tell from his angles that the pictures would probably turn out pretty neat. The kid he took pictures of was J-S Lapierre, also from Montreal, so we talked for a bit. Turns out he's really good friends with my old roomates. After the demo Sam walked me around and introduced me to all of the guys for the photos. First I met Romar, then Beagle, Shane, Herman, Neem, Figgy and Lizard. Lizard went all out and went to lie in the dandelions for his photo. I luckily caught Ellington right before he left. It was a bit of a mission but I eventually got the whole team, and the fun part was getting to talk to everyone for a minute or two. Some of them had mutual friends too so that was nice. Lizard gave me his phone number in case I'm ever in LA, since I go there to visit my aunt now and then, and that way I have someone who knows the city to roam around with. After I got my photos I put all my stuff down and did a bit of skating as the demo shut down. Hahaha at one point I did a nollie flip and I didn't realize Figgy was right behind me so he started cheering, and then I heard him go up to a couple other guys on the team and say "that chick did a kickflip!" so right after, Herman and another guy pulled out a camera phone and asked me to do a kickflip. The first one I didn't land but I landed the next one. Well nollie flip. I told them I can't kickflip haha. 

Afterwards David and I went to meet up with a bunch of friends to see the new Hangover 2 movie. The first theatre we went to was sold out so we went to another one and got ticks for the 10 o clock show. While we were waiting we hit up an ice cream spot. We took over a section of picnic tables and then went for a walk. I don't think I've gone for a mass group chill like that since, high school. By the time we got to the theatre, we probably would have taken up the whole back row. The movie was good. Afterwards we went to Original Joes and had a round of tequilas and said goodbye to our homies that were heading back to BC. I want to write more but I'm just pooped. Why am I pooped? I have no idea why. I've done shit all today. Maybe because yesterday was so hectic. I feel like I should do more with myself though. Anyways yeah that's enough writing for now. Ciao.

Beagle and myself having a convo about, well, I'm not really sure from my facial expression. 

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I want to see that movie so damn bad, I must do that this weekend, or the next!? The first one made me laugh sooo hard and I hated all the main guys except for Zack G, after that I was like hmm maybe I don't hate them so much?

haha yeah this one is hella funny too :)

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