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relationship gushing and girl despisal rants. Must be the weather.
 I am dying. David bought me a cafe misto. and it feels like its 30 degrees out. It's probably only 20 though. I'm just so used to 10 degrees and wind and rain. I am sweating my face off inside. I wish David and I could get sleeping bags and sleep outside, just like we did when we first started dating :) Yes, sleeping bags in Pizza Hut parking lots can be surprisingly romantic. It's a very long story. We got stuck there on a trip to edmonton and our friend lost his car keys in West Edmonton Mall after 3 hours of wandering around the whole thing. Anyways. It was the worst, yet most amazing trip of my life at the same time. And right now I wouldn't mind cuddling and sleeping outside.

I love how one year later, we still stare at eachother and smile every few minutes. He can cuddle for hours, hold my hand everywhere, and never gets upset at anything I have to say. We spend almost every minute together and still have never broken out in fight. I admit I get cranky. But he thinks it's cute and is too oblivious to notice otherwise. 

I feel guilty because I get these occasional jealousy spurts. For the most part I barely ever do, but it happens now and then and sometimes I just blame it on my female hormones. For some reason whenever I get emotional whatsoever I deem it out of my character and blame it on my female hormones. I'm not sure if it's jealousy or just blatant irritation though. So many girls hit on him when I'm right beside him, as if they don't even care that I'm there with him. At first it was like "meh, whatever, it happens" but it happens so frequent that it's starting to get on my nerves. When I was single, I would never, ever flirt with a dude in a relationship, out of respect. Sometimes I just wish the rest of women in society would do the same thing. It only happens here though, in this city. It rarely happens when we're in other cities. The girls here are so aggressive. And my patience is wearing thin. The best way to deal with it is to keep my cool and keep ignoring it, because I know that me flaring up in anger would just be a total turnoff. But, sometimes, I feel a backhand to the back of their heads would just feel so good. And throwing a pair of jeans at them and telling them to cover their ass cheeks that are hanging out of their "dresses." These girls wonder why they're all still single, get nothing but one night stands, and can't find good guys. No shit. I feel like I could almost write a book for these girls. But in the end, it's up to them.

I only wrote that shpeal because as we were walking home, hand in hand with our coffees, a young girl was walking behind us, she passed us, and as soon as she was in front of us, she turned around, and looked him up and down and smirked. And it was like for fucks sakes, I can't even get coffee down the street without dealing with this? Sure she's a teenage girl but blah! When I'm holding his hand? I can understand if he's at the mall by himself, or anywhere by himself. But it always happens when we're holding hands!!!! roar. Okay. I got my steam off my chest. I think I'm done ranting. Girls just make me mad sometimes. Sometimes I'm sad because I don't have girl friends,  but then stuff like this happening is like ugh, that's why, girls are so dumb sometimes. It's hard to find ones that I want to be friends with in the first place. But maybe I just have to push that aside, suck it up and accept that that is just what I have to deal with. I was once stupid too. I still am, often. Just not in that regards haha. And I'm not competitive. David always says that girls are just competitive, that's all. But I think it's stupid. lol. I just want to skateboard, shoot photos, and have coffees with my boyfriend and dance with him now and then. Dealing with "competing" is the last thing on my agenda.

LJ says despisal isn't a word. But I am making it a word. So there. take that livejournal.


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