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 So I'm learning about Chakras and the meanings of each color and I'm making connections that are just creeping me out. As I was trying to find my current weakest Chakra, I came across blue:  "relationships–The right to speak. Learning to express oneself and one’s beliefs (truthful expression). Ability to trust. Loyalty. Organization and planning" Okay, bingo! Definitely my weaknesses. And then I read the symptoms that people have when there is an imbalance in this chakra "Thyroid imbalances, swollen glands. Fevers and flu. Infections. Mouth, jaw, tongue, neck and shoulders problems. Hyperactivity. Hormonal disorders such as PMS, mood swings, bloating and menopause." The first 4 I don't deal with really, but neck and shoulder problems, hyperactivity, pms, moodswings...I have all of those, bad. It's not like a horoscope where they say things that could apply to anyone, because each chakra had pretty specific symptoms when imbalanced. So that was just eerie. One way to balance out the chakras that are your weakness is to introduce more of that color into your lifestyle. As I'm pondering, I start thinking about my budgies. My bird Heidi was yellow. Yellow is related to intelligence and mind. Heidi was the more intelligent of my birds. My bird Alfy was green. Green is the color of being able to love- forgiveness and compassion. Alfy was a very loving and compassionate bird and could bond with people well, an outstanding amount actually, better than any of the other 12-13 birds I have had. Hercules is blue. My weakness that I had aforementioned. Being social, trusting, loyalty...Hercules is the most social bird ever. He doesn't shut up. He's always happy. He's been extremely loyal to me as his "owner" he comes and kisses my finger every day. And he is the most trusting of all the birds. You stick food up to the cage and he is the first one to bolt for it and eat it without hesitation. So that is just all, beyond coincidence. The birds ARE those colors so those are naturally the color energies that they absorb the most, and their personalities match each color. It's just weird. I'm a noob to learning all this but everything I read makes perfect sense. I love hercules to bits and I play with him all the time.....coincidentally the color I need more of in my opposite. My best friend Bryn who makes me happier than anyone, because he's so outgoing and crazy, and always happy,much like my bird, has a blue aura according to my friend Michelle. Who told me this long before I knew what the hell an aura was. So it all. makes. complete sense. So. Now I keep learning. And I fix these things. Yayyy. I just had to write this down so yeah. OH and also. It said that one day I can balance out my chakra is by writing out my ideas.....hmmmm....what have I realized I need to do to organize my life better? Start a livejournal. Which I did before I read that. haha. Yup. anyways ciao.


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