It worked!
 So typing out that last entry DID work. Right after I posted it I called my work (no paycheck pour moi) and typed out my note for Platform. I took the bus downtown and as I wandered to where it had pointed out to on the map, I ended up in this area that reminded me of old Montreal. Old architecture, little cafes, not to mention the mysterious art crowd that seemed to be so hidden. I was wondering where they all hid, because I definitely don't see them roaming anywhere else. I wandered down the street aimlessly, looking for the building numbers until I saw a pair of photographers on a corner with one of those gold/silver reflector screens and a model. I figured that since they were photographer's, they'd definitely know where platform is. As soon as the first photographer put his camera down I approached them and asked. They all looked puzzled and said that they hadn't even heard of the place. My first thought was that maybe platform had shut down, because it'd been quite awhile since my prof had been to WPG. But then I realized I was looking at the wrong street number for the building, it was for the intersecting street. So i went down towards the building that had been my first instinct, had I not once again ignored my instincts. It was a big warehouse type building called "Art Space" I walked in and there was the gallery. The gallery itself was closed but there was a note that directed me to where the staff was. For some reason I figured there was a bulletin board I could just post the note up on, the way my professor made it sound out. But nooooo. Of course I have to TALK to someone, which sounds ridiculous that I'd not want to, being in the field I am, but I was just having one of those off days where I figured that if I had to talk to someone, I might sound socially awkward and weird. The guy was nice enough and said that the government sometimes gives them grants to hire a student, and that I seem pretty qualified, so he told me to drop off a resume. It was actually super intimidating. I didn't expect it would be such a professional place. The whole building is obviously where the city's most renowned artists go to work. I looked at the sign by the elevator and it was where all the big companies were, a printmaking studio, a darkroom (yay!). I walked around the building and shot a few photos of it. I love architecture. I then stopped at a small exhibition of work, and a lady came beside me and started small talk about the work. I mentioned how I liked how small and detailed his work was, and she agreed and told me that she absolutely loves his work. She said that she was from the states and she'd seen his work out there all the time and asked me if I knew this artist, that artist, and then asked me if I myself was an artist. I was like "uh, I'm trying to be one I guess!" hahaha. It was just so intimidating. People always talk to me like they expect me to know so much but I'm really just the most oblivious person ever. I love art to death but I'm a noob in this scene. I strolled around and found the new poutine store I was hoping to shoot photos of for its opening on monday. Too bad I'll be too broke to buy any of their poutine that day. I wandered down Arthur St and saw a little bookstore/cafe and after some hesitation decided to waltz in. Sure enough it was the best decision I could have made. It was so much like my favorite coffee place at home, The Roastery. There were little wooden tables, huge windows, and it was obviously a hangout spot, filled with all sorts of really interesting looking people. One corner was full of books about feminism issues, graffiti artists, veganism...pretty much any topic you'd discuss over a coffee conversation. I'm not one for extreme feminism but the books looked interesting. My favorite one was a list of 40-something common double standards. The other half/corner was a supermarket kind of deal, full of fresh organic fruits, veggies, spices, herbs. I picked up an organic alpha-alpha sprout growing starters kit. I asked the lady at the till if they had Basil, and she said no at first then she said "well I have some live plants at the window, they're dying or something though so you can just have one. You might be able to save it if you replant it." so she brought me to them, and I picked one out. I named it Bob. Bob the basil plant. I payed for those and sat down for a cup of their coffee, expectedly fair trade, and then there were all sorts of exotic sugars. Dehydrated cane juice? Some kind of cinnamon powder. And then soy milk for creamer. Either way it was an amazing, amazing cup of Joe, so I sat there and drank it by myself as I observed the people coming and going, sitting around me. After, I finished I crossed the street to a vintage store. By far the best used and vintage clothing store I have seen in my life. Best selection, and so many unique items. I went a few shops down and talked to the owner there for a bit. He talked about how he loves Saskatoon, and hopes to sell clothes at The Fringe. He had all sorts of interesting stories, about traveling to LA and strangers allowing him to watch/cat sit their houses, so he had free places to stay out by venice beach. The same things happened in Saskatoon as well. It seems like people who travel spontaneously, as long as you're easy to talk to, always have that kind of luck. You'll be amazed at the kind of people you meet when you open up and talk to people around you instead of shelling up. I hopped on the bus home and an elderly lady sat beside me, and we started talking about the brutal transit system, and then about plants, she loved my basil plant. Turns out I hopped on the wrong bus so when I had to catch the right one she was screaming "You go girl! Catch that bus!" haha so cute. Really nice old lady. For some reason I tend to level with older people more than people my age. Old people seem to love me haha. Anyways that's my long ass ramble, as usual. Should be off to a bonfire at my friend Jordan's pretty soon. Ciao!

Some work by Bill Beso, who's work was up at Artspace today.


Starving artist, they ain't kiddin.
 Today is one of those days where I just feel overwhelmed, probably over nothing. As I see my bank account dwindling, and the responsibilities I must force myself to accept, my stress levels skyrocket as I keep thinking about them over and over. The responsibilities I have are miniscule, but for some reason the thought of them just feel like the heaviest weights and getting out of bed or the house feels like such a strenuous task. I have to finish my photog assistant note, I was on a roll with writing it last night, and I should have finished it but David was antsy to go out and skate. One of those moments where I didn't follow my gut instinct and finish it because now I'm staring at it, worried about how to write it and what to put in it. I hate how my mind is so picky. I have to be in the perfect mind state to get anything done and that state can disappear at the drop of a pen. I had one argument with my mom on the phone and my stress levels skyrocketed. I've tried all sorts of remedies to try to chill out my stress levels but they always only work temporarily. Eventually the effects wear out, and I'm back to being a tight ball of stress. I figure typing out what I have to get done today will motivate me to get stuff done. Because I would rather type about getting them done at the end of the day, rather than typing about how I DIDN'T get them done. But I have to buy bus tickets which will bring my account balance to a pitiful number, a friend of mine owes me 100$ for a photoshoot, and it's almost 2 months later, I'm relying on that money to get by smoothly, and he keeps on forgetting. He always says he's swamped but when I check his facebook it's like snowboarding one day, wakeboarding the next, pictures of his brand new studio, and it's like AH! It just takes 5-10 minutes of your super awesome life to put money in my account and feed me :( ! From one artist to another. I don't quite think he understands how broke I am but I really don't want to nag too hard. But on the other hand....I'm hungry! lol. Anyways hopefully I can put this note up, and someone will help me out, and hopefully my work calls me soon, because I'm going to be one sad broke puppy soon. On a bright note, I mentioned to David about how I wanted to check the Dollarama for popsicle moulds. As soon as I said that, he grinned, opened the cupboard, and his mom had 3 stacks of them. He poured some of her fruit punch in a few, so I had a tasty little ice pop this morning. Anyways his mom is off the phone so I better take advantage of that and call my work at home and see if I have another paycheck left....ciao.

Oh No.
 I just realized David and I spent last night cooking our lunches for today. We made pancakes and lemon-spinach couscous. Then this morning when we woke up I told him I was going to skate today instead of going to school with him. I totally forgot that we made lunches together for today. I feel so bad now! haha. But school is for rainy days. I can't sit inside when it's nice out. Nope. No way. Ugh I feel so bad though. hahaha. Poor David. Summer's soon my love. 

Strawberry cheesecake with KitKats.
 Yaaaay, I have friends! Thanks hombres. I'm hyped. 

Yesterday I went skating at plaz with the good ol Jesse Murph. We met up with his buddy. It was probably one of the most fun days I've had out skating yet. I love my new board. Skating 8's just feels so good. You can't NOT land a trick with an 8. It's impossible. It's like riding a plank. I've been working those leg muscles too so my pop's coming back. I hope it's nothing but a steady progression from this point on. I hope. We'll see when I spend the whole day out today. 

We mostly skated the bowl, I shot photos. Sun was bright, wind was chilly, but it was perfect out. I can't emphasize how much I love Winnipeg and the people here. 

Afterwards Jesse and I went to a spot called Marble Slab for ice cream. Yup. I popped my Marble Slab cherry. That place is amazing. It's like 5 bucks for an ice cream, but you have like 30 choices, then they throw the ice cream onto a table and slice in all your favorite toppings, with a slab. You can choose from a ton of stuff to throw into your ice cream. So I got cheesecake ice cream, and sliced in some strawberries, graham crackers, and kit kat. Best 5 bucks I spent this week. I'm not sure what the best 5 bucks I spent last week was but I buy a lot of things so...I'll just say this week. 

Anyways these two photos of Murph are my favorite from yesterday.


We got a phot of the Winnipeg skyline in my, or well Jesse's shades.

and this is me bein... a swag pirate. I don't know what a swag pirate is I just made that up.

A nifty phot of Murph's refection in the shades.

Murph and I eating Marble Slab (!!!!! so good)


I just told
gemcitytiffany that I'm too broke to buy popsicle moulds. But I just realized Dollarama might have some. I think that just might be the best summer investment. Popsicles...ALL summer. So, I am going to go for a stroll and see if they have some. Ciao!

Light bulb!
 I want to buy turntables. So that I can have DJs over, at my currently imaginary photo studio, during shoots. Shooting parties. Because atmosphere makes a world of a difference and good atmospheres produce good photos. I just wanted to jot that idea down so that I never forget. That is all

 David went to the gym without me. So I'm sitting in his school bored as fuck. I just finished school in April, so sometimes I can't help but ask myself "WHYYYY am I sitting in a college library, updating my livejournal a million times a day?!" and updating tumblr....oh okay he's back. It's sunny out now. I really want to go skate.

Okay I'm going skating at 6. Plaza. Word.

I'd say I'm excited for Vegas this August but I'm so excited for this whole summer. 3 months in Winnipeg skating with my closest friends and boyfriend. Apparently Winnipeg is a haven for artists so I'm really excited to check out the scene here. I still have yet to check out Platform and put up my note to be a photog assistant. I'm a little worried because I don't have a car, and I can't be running in and out of the door too late, because David has school, and I can't be waking him up late when I get home. But hey, if I don't try, then I can't blame anyone but myself for missing out on potential opportunities to be a photog assistant for the summer. Hopefully I can find someone who needs help during weekdays. I know whenever I could have used an assistant though, most of my shoots were late at night. 

I'm going to Las Vegas for my mom's nursing reunion, not sure how long I'm going to be there but I know that altogether, I should be in Vegas and San Diego for a total of almost a month. My homegirl from Oregon is supposed to 'kidnap' me so that I can go skating with the girls. I hope it goes down because my famjam cockblocked me hard from the cali skate scene last summer. I guess that was actually 2 summers ago. But travelling is hard with my family. I'm 24 and they still try to keep me on a tight leash when I travel with them. 

And then there's Vancouver in September. That's going to be the big move. Onto city life, where I want to be, and where I want to make things happen, for now. I want to get into Blanche McDonald for freelance make-up, but I'm scared of the costs. But when I think about it, photographer AND make-up artist? How can I lose money from that kind of investment. If I can get a diploma from Blanche McDonald and a degree....possibly master's from Emily Carr...assuming I'm not with child and deeply in debt by then, haha, I'd say I'm paving a pretty good path for good opportunities. I really want to open a studio. I can do make-up and fashion shoots right at my own spot, have homies over to get hammed and shoot for fun too, why not. And set up back drops for directorial shoots for my personal series of works. That's my dream. I want it more than anything. I need to kick my butt into gear again though because I've been slacking lately. That last arm of school killed me. I'm not sure if it was just Saskatoon that drained me, or if I naturally get emotionally exhausted too easily when I'm under pressure. All I know is I have to rid myself of that getting-stressed-too-easy thing I got going on if I want to succeed at anything. 

But anyways that was my continued yammering. I really have nothing better to do with myself at the moment. My fault for coming to school today. It looked like it was going to rain all day and now it's perfect out. But I have a fresh board, a charged camera, and plaza in a few hours so tonight should be good. Ciao

Went on an adding binge.
So I had to look up people who liked "American Apparel" to find friends. That was the money maker. Skateboarding didn't cut it. So yeah if you had 'American Apparel' in your interests, that's why I added you. hahaha. I have friends, I swear. I'm just bored. Anyways that's that. There's my explanation.

 Okay so I spoke too swiftly about Tumblr before I checked it out. It's a cool spot. BUT, still not personal enough for me. It's the preemest spot for me to upload my photos and keep a photoblog. Yet it's still not somewhere I'd like to disclose my personal day in. It's networking. Everything's networking these days. That's cool. But I still like the personal sense this gives so I'm staying here for that stuff. 

Anyways my tumblr is if anyone wants to check that out. That's it, that's all. 

 Jesus, if the apocalypse went down, it went down on livejournal. I keep on hunting for interesting people, and all I find are journals in some foreign language. Anyone remotely interesting switched to blogspot or tumblr. That's alright though. One day, hopefully, people catch on...haha. Those sites are alright but I can't browse blogs like I can here. You need a link to people's blogs to get to them. Here you browse based on interest. There's communities. It's so much more rad. All this hyphy on facebook,'s all driving me insane. They're all generic, every person's page looks the same. What ever happened to individuality? Just sayin. I feel like society's got more boring and the sense of community just isn't what it used to be. We're all becoming more and more private, yet all trying to be the same people, or copy and be just like the people we're influenced by. 

My homie Adam just sat down to talk to me. He came out of nowhere, that was an ill surprise. 

I get just the right dose of running into friends while I'm running around here. In Saskatoon it was just "Hey...hey....hey!" everywhere you go, you couldn't maintain a conversation with someone cuz you're too busy saying hi to everybody mid sentence.

I guess I like moving to new cities for the same reason that I like livejournal. You meet new people. You see the people you know every day. Why the hell do you want to talk to them on a computer when you can walk out your door and meet them for coffee, or beer, or a skate sesh. It just doesn't make any sense to me, at all.

Either way I like having a close group and community of friends who all have common interests, and then I like going out to meet new people. This is why I like bigger cities. And this is why I like this spot. This place sparks my creativity. 

Anyways I think a chocolate-mint iced cap, and some cheese biscuits are calling my name. Ciao.

Oh by the way.
I forgot what I was gunna say.


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